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The Microbiome Makeover program is for the motivated warriors ready to pursue a personalized program that helps you heal leaky gut, reverse autoimmunity, and get your life back!

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"Before working with Nikki I felt depressed and extremely anxious with a myriad of ailments. I almost didn't do this because in the past I’ve gone through many ups and downs on my healing path. I think the “ quick fix” option of traditional medicine can appeal to the psyche. Things today are so much brighter! The continuous healing I am experiencing now from working with Nikki and through functional medicine is so profound. I loved the encouragement and the in depth explanations every step of the way. Nikki explains how the supplement and diet shifts affect the body and organs which was empowering for me. Getting to the source is worth a quick fix any day!"

"I found Nikki on instagram and decided to work with her right after our first phone call. I feel so much better on a daily basis now. I have so much more confidence in myself and my decisions because they are based on science (testing + Nikki's scientific research and knowledge base) for my individual body. I want to tell everyone who has any kind of stomach issues to not waste their time feeling sick and go immediately to Nikki. I wish I found her sooner and didn't waste several years "wishing" to feel better. Test don't guess! My stomach is much happier now that we did it the right way and I don't have the daily bloating I used to suffer with. I really want to tell everyone about Nikki and the "magic" she works with her clients."

- Jennifer B.

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- Sara I.

"I love how everything was personalized to fit my needs and that it wasn't a one size fits all kind of program. Nikki really looks at what’s going on with you in particular and guides you so that your specific needs are met. I recommend her to my family and friends because of how supportive she is and because she truly wants to see you succeed and get better. I am so happy and thankful I did this!"

- Erica L.

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