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Nikki Yelton has helped women with GI distress and autoimmune conditions for over a decade to identify the root cause of their symptoms so that they can get back to living the healthy and extraordinary life they dream of.


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Q: Why only gut health and autoimmunity? I heard you can help with many other conditions like weight loss, hormone imbalances, acne, and chronic fatigue.
A: Gut health is my jam and is what I do best! When you heal your gut, everything else falls into place (#healthyguthappylife). Whether you have GI distress or not, when you have an autoimmune condition, you must address and fix the gut to truly reverse the symptoms that are holding you back. This is why so many women I work with who are also experiencing the symptoms above will notice improvement once we heal the gut and balance the body.

Q: I am a male and want to work with you and start a program, do you only serve women?
A: No, in fact—many of my clients are men! Men with GI distress and autoimmune conditions who have gone through my programs and courses have excelled and gotten their life back too. However, since autoimmunity is more common in women, we typically see more women reaching out for help. If you are a male struggling with GI distress and/or an autoimmune condition, I would be glad to help you! 

Q: What happens after I submit my application for coaching?
A: If there isn't a waiting list for advanced coaching, you will be prompted to set up a free Discovery Call once you hit submit. The purpose of this session is to discuss your health goals and make sure that we are the right fit for you. If there is a match, we will enroll you into the right program immediately on that call and get started!

Q: How long are you booked out until?
A: All programs involve aspects of personalization, which is a rare occurrence in today’s health care model and is the reason my clients see amazing results. The average wait time is based on the program that is best for you, so I would highly encourage you to put your application in when you know you are serious about transforming your life so that we can start the process as soon as possible!

Q: Can I just schedule a single session with you?
A: I do not offer single sessions because I want you to have the best possible experience. After more than a decade helping hundreds of women heal their gut and reverse autoimmunity, I know that you cannot transform your health and life in a single session. It takes time! The foundational coaching programs are specifically designed with the process and system you need to succeed. We offer a great plan for sustainability coaching after your program ends to keep you on track with ongoing support or life! 

Q: Do you take insurance?
A: I do not accept insurance. However, I do offer flexible payment plans for advanced coaching, my courses, and membership programs. 

Q: Can I just order functional medicine labs from you?
A: Functional medicine lab testing is only available to clients enrolled in advanced coaching, Microbiome Makeover, or Momentum. Additionally, clients who have graduated from their program and who want to check in for an annual lab review session can do so by getting in touch with us at 

Q: Do you coach clients online? 
A: Yes, that’s the gift of technology! All coaching, lab results, protocols, and communications are done through a secure client portal that is HIPPA protected. You can pursue your health transformation from anywhere in the world! 
Q: Where can I read about real life client success stories?
A: It is a gift to walk this road and see lives change. You can read praise and client success testimonials here. I hope these stories inspire you to begin your own journey too!

Q: How can I get in touch with you about media, press, being a guest on a podcast, or having you at our speaking event? 
A: I would be thrilled to be a part of your event, podcast, or media project. Please fill out the contact form above so that we can start the conversation!

Q: I am a brand and would like to work with you. What is your process for this?
A: If you are a brand who feels we are aligned, I would love to have a discussion regarding a potential partnership, campaign, or collaboration. I enjoy working with companies in the health and wellness space where I can share what I personally love, already use, and would recommend to the community. Please fill out the contact form above with more information so that we can start the conversation!

grab my *free* Starter Kit:

3 Daily Habits to Improve Leaky Gut & Autoimmunity + Best Foods to Eat + 3 Healing Recipes

Healing leaky gut is the most effective way to improve and reverse autoimmunity!

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