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This VIP advanced coaching program was designed specifically for you, the woman who knows that SO much more life awaits when you can get the real life transformation you’ve been after. It IS possible for you to LIVE a symptom free life and experience the energy and joy you hope for. I’m here to show you how.

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For the motivated woman who is ready to pursue a personalized wellness journey to resolve GI distress and reverse autoimmunity once and for all.

✔️Finally uncover the real reasons you have been stuck for so long. Can you say relieved!?

✔️Have a personalized step by step system that is tailored just for you.
✔️Never stress about what to eat each day and know what foods are best for your body.

✔️Jump out of bed in the morning, excited for the day with an abundance of natural energy.

✔️Never worry about hunting down the nearest restroom “just in case” you have an episode. 

✔️Enjoy a family road trip or vacation without wondering if your symptoms will act up.
✔️Enjoy food again because you aren’t worried about how it will make you feel. 

✔️Discover delicious recipes that heal your body from the inside out.

✔️Experience more joy in your relationships with less anxiety and stress.

✔️Have a clear and sharp mind throughout the day.

✔️Reach your healthiest weight and feel confident. 

✔️Start living your life and find your purpose with renewed hope for the future ahead.

Imagine what it would feel like to: 

"I was not feeling great before I started with Nikki due to my hashimotos. I was very sluggish and I also started getting heart palpitations that left me feeling lightheaded and faint. I felt like I was in a fog most days and sometimes it was hard to think clearly. After I started working with Nikki I started to notice a huge difference in how I felt under her care vs trying to do this on my own and realized this was more than worth it! Through various functional medicine testing we determined why I was experiencing my symptoms and we started implementing the right food plan and supplements. Everything was customized to my specific issues. Now I feel amazing and I actually feel younger. I have tons of energy now, I don’t get lightheaded or ever feel faint, and my head is clear and my mind sharp. Best part, my hashimotos was reversed and I rarely get heart palpitations anymore! Nikki knows her stuff!! You have no idea how good you can feel!"

- Linda D.

advanced coaching

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✔️I know what it’s like to wake up every day wondering if it will be a good or bad day and how I would get through it. 

✔️I know what it is like to be told there’s nothing diet, lifestyle, or natural solutions can do that will make the situation better. 

✔️I know what it is like to feel like my autoimmune conditions and GI distress would keep me from experiencing all life has to offer. 

Here’s why I do this work:

✔️Finally get real results that changed my entire life. 

✔️Pursue my purpose and focus on my future.

✔️See my clients go from feeling stuck and sick to vibrant and healthy!

And I also know what it is like to: 

Advanced Coaching is for you if…

• You are a motivated, goal-oriented woman, wife, mom, friend, boss, employee, business owner. You know you have an extraordinary life ahead and you want to LIVE it! 

• You feel frustrated with your health and that it’s taking a toll on the major areas of your life. 

• You’ve got dreams, hobbies, and activities you’ve been putting off for awhile. 

• You are ready to receive help instead of trying to figure things out on your own.

• Deep down you still believe that you can live a healthy, normal life.

• You're willing to be held accountable through this process.

• You are committed to investing in you, taking the road less traveled, and giving it your all. 

• You are wiling to dig deeper with me and do things differently than you ever have before. 

• You BELIEVE in your natural ability to heal. 

Now it's your turn!

Personalized Coaching


Here’s what you will receive when you enroll in advanced coaching with Nikki 

Functional lab testing is essential to doing things the right way when it comes to healing the gut and reversing autoimmunity. This means we won't be cutting any corners. Appropriate testing such as identifying deficiencies, gut infections, food intolerances, intestinal permeability, genetics, hormones, and toxins are key!

In-Depth Specialty Functional Medicine Testing

A deep dive intensive to uncover our starting point and identify the big picture goals. We will get clear on our reason behind wanting to achieve the results we are after. This lays the groundwork for the entire program so that we can make sure we are maximizing every step of the process during our coaching calls.


The most in depth review of your unique chemistry and functional medicine lab results that you’ll probably ever experience! We dive into your lab findings and come up with a custom blueprint and personalized step by step protocol. This is where the real fun begins! 

Personal Lab Reviews

After your jumpstart intensive and lab review intensive, you’ll receive coaching sessions throughout the course of your program to help customize each stage of the 7 step process to help heal your gut and reverse autoimmunity. This combination of group and 1:1 coaching ensures the best personalized experience possible. 

Coaching Sessions

You will leave sessions feeling empowered with a detailed write up, action plan, and custom protocol. This is the #1 favorite feature when we ask clients what they loved the most about advanced coaching.


Every essential guide, recipe booklet, meal plan, and protocol you need to effortlessly navigate your journey is all laid out for you. You’ll never wonder what to eat ever again! 

Resources for your success

This portal works wherever you are in the world so that you can access your material from anywhere. You’ll be able to attend your sessions, check in through a private chat, log your meals, view your protocol, order supplements, view your labs, and so much more all within one HIPPA protected secure network that works on your desktop or a convenient mobile app.

Private Client
Only Portal

Sometimes big questions arise in between coaching sessions that can’t wait. You’ll have exclusive office hour access so that you always feel supported. You’re not doing this journey alone! My team and I are here to keep you on track every step of the way with weekly check-in’s.


Access to an online dispensary where you can order any medical grade supplement you may need throughout your program. Brands matter and make all the difference. These are the highest quality pure supplements available from licensed practitioners only.

Medical Grade Supplements

Plus, receive these special bonuses:

A timed 7 module course that walks you through every detail of each key step it takes to heal the gut, feel your best, balance your body, and reverse autoimmunity. Every video, worksheet, training, handout, and guide you need to succeed is right in this course, and you will have access to it for life with any updates and revisions I make in the future. 

VIP access to The Gut &
Autoimmune Academy
($1997 Value)

You’ll go through a 30 day Rejuvenation Phase after your lab review session to jumpstart your healing and start seeing fast results. Since I recommend you repeat this phase once per year, you will have lifetime access to the workshop!

Ticket to the Microbiome
Makeover Workshop 
($997 Value)

I’ve learned that having community (or should I say an army) to support you is key to your success. The Gut Healthy Society is a private FB community group where you can find extra support. You’ll have access to myself and other functional medicine coaches who will help keep you engaged and accountable each week. We have exclusive special events, LIVE office hours and training workshops, and the most supporting members who are always rooting for you! 

Admission to the
Gut Healthy Society
($599 Value)

Private coaching clients receive 10% off all medical grade supplements, for life. 



The biggest benefit was getting an answer to why I was feeling so horrible. Then following a specific protocol to get to the root cause and heal it. I liked the personalized one on one meetings and specific protocol for my specific situation. I do not believe in a one size fits all, although there is always a standard protocol to follow. A standard protocol is fine, but it needs to be tweaked based on the person's genes, their body's response to food, supplementation, etc.

"We were in a difficult place, both working, commuting and dealing with health (gut) issues and weight gain. We had done other “plans”, and had worked with a Nutritionist in the past. We spent a lot of money only to be left on our own after a very short time. We fell back into bad habits and we knew we needed to find a different path and word of mouth led us to Nikki. Working directly with Nikki has been nothing short of amazing. Her wealth of knowledge and ability to advise each of us individually took it to the next level. Until you know what is causing your issues you really can’t address them properly. She is truly interested and invested in our wellbeing and succeeding. Now, life is so much fuller. We actually enjoy food shopping together and coming up with a meal plan together for the week. We have been telling everyone about our journey and they are all interested and supportive. People have noticed a difference in us. We are doing it together. We learned so much in a short time because of Nikki and her program."

-Scott & Lorriane R.

-Doreen J.



about our approach

what others are saying

For over a decade now, I have helped hundreds of men and women heal their gut and reverse autoimmunity by using this exact step-by-step process. No more guessing, no more spinning the hamster wheel, and no more wishing you could live symptom free. All you need to make this your reality is the confidence to say YES and a coach to walk you through the RIGHT steps, reduce the overwhelm, keep it simple, and completely biohack the whole gut healing process for you. 

Our 7 step process to heal leaky gut and reverse autoimmunity once and for all

Identifying your unique "triggers" will be the most critical stage in the gut healing process. If we skip this and just dive into repairing the gut, it's possible we will spin our wheels for years without digestive or autoimmune improvements. Food sensitivities, toxins, heavy metals, gut infections, and bad bacteria such as yeast, viruses, H Pylori, parasites, or SIBO needs to be identified and if present, removed in this crucial stage of the gut healing process. 

Step One:

If leaky gut is confirmed, we often find that you lack bile acids and hydrochloric acid which can reduce the ability to produce natural enzymes that help the break down, absorption, and assimilation of our food and nutrients. During this stage we need to replace anything that was lost from an infection that may assist in optimal digestion. We also need to start replacing inflammatory foods with anti-inflammatory foods. This is where I encourage you to start 3 therapeutic diet phases. 

Step two:

This is where the real fun begins and we get to see major IMPROVEMENT. Now the gut lining can finally start to "heal and seal" once and for all and we can start incorporating so many helpful gut healing amino acids and antioxidants to help strengthen the gut lining and bring the tight junctions back together again. We can do so much in this stage such as supporting micronutrient imbalances & deficiencies, along with include foods that help the gut lining and cells renew and regenerate.

Step three:

This is where we start balancing the microbiome and restoring the proper balance of good gut bugs and bacteria. We start with PREbiotics first (the food for the probiotics) and then gradually increase to the right PRObiotic supplement for YOU with multiple strains that are soil based along with the correct balance of bifidobacteria and lactobacillis you need. We also discuss food based prebiotic fibers and food based probiotics as well in this stage. 

Step Four:

In this stage we can finally work on ALL the other areas that may have been out of balance due to an altered gut. In this stage balancing areas like sleep, weight, hormones, adrenals, and brain chemistry is more effective now that the gut is healed and repaired. During this stage we also want to find the RIGHT diet and balance for YOU that helps you sustain optimal gut health long term. Everyone is different and we are going to teach you how to listen to your body and know what the best diet is to help you THRIVE. 

Step five:

This is usually everyone's favorite stage! In this stage we start slowly brining back foods again that you probably had to avoid in the beginning stages. We also experiment bringing some food sensitivities back in since they can improve and disappear once the gut is actually healed. In this stage we are going to teach you how to know and identify if these foods are long term triggers for you, or if you have a level or threshold of tolerance that you want to stick to for specific foods to keep your gut in check long term. 

Step six:

In the last and final stage, we need to come up with a sustainable plan to help keep your new gut healthy and happy moving forward. In order to do this, we have to talk about your responsibility to keep up with your gut healthy lifestyle and a timeline for when you should be checking in on labs each year or even every few years once we know you are operating at 100%. This is where we discuss our special program for graduates and alumni for ongoing support.

Step seven:

Read what others have to say about their personalized coaching experience

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"For the past ten years I lived with bad stomach pains, major bloating and constantly trying to find clothes to disguise it. When I made my initial inquiry I was nervous about the cost but once I came to the realization that I have tried everything I knew this was a must. Within the first ten minutes of my initial visit I had complete trust in Nikki and knew she was the one that could help me. Once I started working with her my pain instantly went away and my bloat majorly decreased. I loved how thorough all the testing is and how Nikki breaks everything down so it is easily understood. It really has been so amazing. I would recommend Nikki to EVERYONE!!! Nikki is so sweet and kind, she’s honest, trustworthy and genuinely cares about you and wants you to get to your 100%. She is extremely knowledgeable and is constantly trying to provide her clients with all the tools they need to be successful"

- amy B.


"I always wondered if I could solve my health problems- constant upset stomach, bloating, and lots of cystic acne. I wondered if I was just "stuck" with these symptoms, or if there was a solution. I found Nikki on instagram and decided to work with her right after our first phone call. I feel so much better on a daily basis now. I have so much more confidence in myself and my decisions because they are based on science (testing + Nikki's scientific research and knowledge base) for my individual body. I want to tell everyone who has any kind of stomach issues to not waste their time feeling sick and go immediately to Nikki. I wish I found her sooner and didn't waste several years "wishing" to feel better. Test don't guess! My stomach is much happier now that we did it the right way and I don't have the daily bloating I used to suffer with. I really want to tell everyone about Nikki and the "magic" she works with her clients."

Jennifer b.


I was super bloated, achy, weak, depressed, hopeless, and my gut was out of whack. My friend raved about how her life changed since working with Nikki and kept encouraging me to take action. Since working with Nikki, I was able to discover which foods serve me and what nutrients I need in order to heal and restore my body. Nikki's wisdom and encouragement has helped me stay positive and push through. I am now a completely new person and feel SO empowered and confident in myself. I never thought that it was possible to heal my gut and go back to what I classified as my "normal life". I worked with so many different doctors and nutritionists, and Nikki was the only one who was able to actually help. In fact, I have more energy than ever before. I am neither bloated nor depressed. Nikki took the time to create an individualized protocol for my specific needs. Bio-individuality is KEY! The visual charts that she sent me also helped me understand why I needed to fuel my body with the specific nutrients I lacked. Nikki takes the time to actually explain EVERYTHING. Changing my lifestyle and diet with Nikki has enabled me to show up as my best self, even when I thought it was impossible. 

- Alexa C.


"Working with Nikki was such a pleasure. She listened, understood my complaints and outlined a plan for me. Once my gut healed, I was able to eat again and feel great. Having the specific blood tests really narrowed down my issues. I am so grateful for the input Nikki gave me regarding food choices and making the correct choices for my well being. She is knowledgeable, patient, kind and concerned for her patients. She has helped me through a very difficult time and I have learned so much about food, eating and health from her. If you are on the fence, don't hesitate to go for help. It will be worth the time and expense."

-Susan b.


"Before seeing Nikki I felt sick every single day. I was always tired, bloated, constipated, and irritable. I didn’t know why every time I ate I would be hunched over in severe stomach pain. So to say the least I was very unhappy! Now I feel amazing!! I have energy and I’m happy! Since I’ve been seeing Nikki I have not gotten sick one single time! It has changed my life. I am eating things that I never thought I’d like and I’m on a schedule with eating where before I would eat only once a day. I love how everything was personalized to fit my needs and that it wasn't a one size fits all kind of program. Nikki really looks at what’s going on with you in particular and guides you so that your specific needs are met. The main reason I would recommend her to my family and friends is because of how supportive she is and because she truly wants to see you succeed and get better. I am so happy and thankful I did this!"

- erica s.


"I almost didn't work with Nikki because of the investment and honestly, I didn't think my problems could be figured out. For a long time I was told I was "just sensitive" or "it's all in your head". And I worried and started to believe that because no one else hardly talks about things like this, and now that it's fixed and I got those results I realized, that's all a joke. Fast forward 6 months, there's no pain because of my now super strong stomach! I'm healthier, more energy, happier, I mean everything's better. I think better, I feel better, I live better, and I know my chance of almost all diseases from cancer, to autoimmune, to joint pain, or even the modern cold is greatly decreased just from fixing my gut. It's well worth it. You buy back so much time and ENJOY LIFE again. The best part about the program is that it is in fact personalized. They're not telling you what worked for other people, or what you should do. Nikki very well shows the data and has the facts for why THIS is good for YOU and specifically you. Nikki is the best nutritionist around. She is extremely extensive and amazing!"

- Noah K.


"I was in a very difficult place before I met Nikki. I went from Dr. to Dr. and test to test just to be told "everything is normal, you’re fine." Deep down I knew I wasn’t fine....I really felt lost. I almost didn’t work with her because I had no idea that what I was eating was actually causing me harm. I thought I was eating healthy and didn’t realize how much help I really needed. I moved forward because I knew I could not go on feeling as bad as I did every day. There was nothing to lose for me as nobody was getting to the source, they just treated my symptoms. I feel so much better now! I am so much more educated and can bring back a lot more food and enjoy eating again. The program was specially designed for me. It’s not a one size fits all deal. I have already recommended a friend and my own son and I will continue to spread the word for anyone interested."

- Grace G.


I reached out to Nikki because I had irritable bowel issues, and food & chemical sensitivities that progressively got worse. Now my stomach issues have never been better, my bowel movements are normal (when I didn't realize what normal was like). My sensitivities are clearing and the biggest benefit was getting an answer to why I was feeling so horrible. Then following a specific protocol to get to the root cause and heal it. I was always into clean eating and supplementation and I was trying to do it on my own, but became overwhelmed by the wealth of information, what information to trust and what steps to logically follow to heal. I liked the personalized one on one meetings and specific protocol for my specific situation. I do not believe in a one size fits all, although there is always a standard protocol to follow. A standard protocol is fine, but it needs to be tweaked based on the person's genes, their body's response to food, supplementation, etc. I learned to trust Nikki and that she cared about my well being. 

- Doreen J.


"I was so overwhelmed trying to manage my Celiac disease, nutrition, and my health. I heard amazing things about Nikki and decided to get help. It is hard to get help sometimes when you aren't feeling good and don't have energy. I knew I would get better though because of her great reputation. I feel empowered now by the knowledge and support I received from Nikki and her team. I received empathy and kindness. I followed all the specific instructions and now my health has improved! If you are questioning this, please do it! ."

- Vivian C.


My pain/discomfort is significantly better and now under control. I’ve also lost over 3% body fat and gained a few pounds in muscle. I have more energy and a more positive outlook. We also believe we got to the root of the issue—leaky gut and several different kinds of bad bacteria lodged in my gut. We just retested and the bacteria is completely gone and we reduced gut inflammation down to 0. We still have to heal and seal the gut lining, so I should feel even better once that’s healed. I liked that Nikki tests everything, so you get a plan tailored to you and what your body needs, rather than just general nutritional advice. Nikki is always there to answer questions and really takes time to listen to your concerns and is super flexible when a plan needs to be altered. I’ve recommended Nikki to several friends and coworkers because I know she’ll take the time to find the root of the problem, not just mask the symptoms. If you are on the fence, stop being an idiot. Kidding (kind of). I’d say what do you have to lose? It was probably the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. 

- Eric G.


"I always felt my quality of life would be better if I wasn’t constantly worried about my stomach when I left the house or ate certain meals. I’m glad I went forward and invested in my health as I had gone to many Dr.’s that just don’t compare and tried to just give a blanket diagnosis. Nikki cares and helped me in ways I wouldn’t be able to achieve on my own! I feel that I’ve had someone on my side through this whole journey and it definitely makes me feel less alone."

- Heather M.


"My daughter saw Nikki and had amazing results. I was not feeling great at the time so I wanted to see if she could help me too. Life now is excellent and I healed my gut and got to my ideal weight in the process! Go for it, you will be so much better!"

Attracta L.


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frequently asked questions

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Q: What if I don’t have the financial resources for the Microbiome Makeover coaching program? 
A: For this program to work, you must be fully invested. If making this investment in a coaching program will jeopardize your ability to pay rent or keep food on the table, it is not the right time for you to apply for advanced coaching. However, if you can still cover your basic needs, and the coaching investment feels like a stretch, that’s a really good thing! We value the things that cost us, and your investment in this program is you stepping up to the plate and acknowledging that YOU are worth the investment. Ask yourself this question, "what is it costing me to continue struggling with these symptoms and how much more will it cost me in the future if I choose not do this?" Don’t be the woman who says, “I’ll invest in myself when ______ .” Know that you are worthy of achieving your health and fullest potential right now! 

Q: Do you offer refunds? 
A: No. Coaching requires a commitment, from both the coach and the client. I give this my all, and I expect you to do the same. When a client knows a refund is possible, it is too easy for her to have “one foot in” the coaching relationship and “one foot out”. If you think this program might not work for you, it won’t. You must believe that this program has the potential to give you the results you desire, or you should not make the investment. When you go into something knowing that you have an “out,” it is unlikely that you will give it 100%. 

Q: Do you have professional training or certifications? 
A: I’m so glad you asked! I am a board certified Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist and licensed in Integrative and Functional Medicine. I have over a decade of hands on experience working with clients and hold advanced certifications in the functional medicine, nutrition, and natural & alternative health industry. You can read my full professional bio and clinical experience here

Q: Why is this coaching program a 3 month investment? 
A: After doing this for many years, I know what works best for clients. I also know that to get real results where you are able to heal your gut and reverse symptoms of autoimmunity, it takes time. This is why the majority of clients go through the 3 month Microbiome Makeover program and decide to continue on to our Momentum Alumni Mentorship. Although I have several clients who feel like a new person after the first 30 days, this is not a quick fix! The 7 step process was specifically designed to take time so your body can heal. The imbalances in your body did not happen overnight. They took a lot of time to develop and thus they will take time to heal. The reason I’ve seen success with clients is because they aren’t cutting corners and they have committed to the structure of the program fully. Since I want these same results for everyone who works with me, a 3 month investment for this specific program is the mandatory time commitment to help you get the transformation that can change your life forever! 

It’s Decision Time. 

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You can keep going at this alone, losing thousands of dollars for no real results, and spend more of your precious time feeling overwhelmed. Or you lock arms with a professional who can take the guess work out and personally walk the journey beside you. 

Welcome Home.

Read this before you go! 

I know how tough it is to be on the never ending hamster wheel while trying to figure your health out on your own. I also know how hard it is to go from practitioner to practitioner—and never get the real transformation that you know would change your life

Not only did I suffer with severe GI distress for 7+ years, but I have 3 autoimmune conditions and now they are completely reversed. They are undetectable on a lab. I have more energy than ever, and all of the symptoms I suffered for so long with are completely resolved. And the only thing that changed is I finally discovered the right mentor who opened my eyes to functional medicine, tested my unique chemistry, and got to the root cause of why I had so many symptoms to begin with. 

You don’t have to do this alone! The support of a coach and professional who not only has a clear system for you to follow but who is truly invested and called to this work and wants to see you start living your life again can make all the difference in the results you get. 

I’m here to help you achieve the symptom free life you dream of.

Lots of Love,

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