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Momentum with Nikki 

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Momentum is an "invite only" high-level alumni membership and mastermind program for those who have completed one of the foundation programs, such as Advanced Coaching or Microbiome Makeover.

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we're launching soon for
Advanced Coaching graduates & Microbiome Makeover alumni!

✔️Finally uncover the real reasons you have been stuck for so long. Can you say relieved!?

✔️Have a personalized step by step system that is tailored just for you.
✔️Never stress about what to eat each day and know what foods are best for your body.

✔️Jump out of bed in the morning, excited for the day with an abundance of natural energy.

✔️Never worry about hunting down the nearest restroom “just in case” you have an episode. 

✔️Enjoy a family road trip or vacation without wondering if your symptoms will act up.
✔️Enjoy food again because you aren’t worried about how it will make you feel. 

✔️Discover delicious recipes that heal your body from the inside out.

✔️Experience more joy in your relationships with less anxiety and stress.

✔️Have a clear and sharp mind throughout the day.

✔️Reach your healthiest weight and feel confident. 

✔️Start living your life and find your purpose with renewed hope for the future ahead.

Imagine what it would feel like to: 

Monthly gut healthy and autoimmune friendly meal plans so that you never get stuck or board wondering what to eat!

1:1 individualized coaching sessions to update your protocol or make adjustments based on new goals.

LIVE group coaching calls with hot seat spots to get your personalized questions answered.

Group Calls

Academy Access

Academy Access

Academy Access

7 step process and roadmap with individualized courses based to sustain your gut health and autoimmune wellness goals. 

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Mentoring Calls

Meal Plans

Brand new bonus materials, trainings, and masterclasses added each quarter for our members. 

You'll have the opportunity to learn from some of the top functional medicine practitioners to elevate your journey.

Private members only online community group to share ideas, tips, and encouragement together.

Live in-person event to connect with other members. You'll leave the retreat feeling refreshed and motivated to continue your journey.



Guest Experts

VIP Bonuses

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Say "bye-bye" to falling off track with your goals, and hello to a sustainable & fun plan for lifelong success.

Momentum is Coming Soon.

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