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Nikki’s Faves: Balanced Morning Smoothie, Protein Powder, Motivation Resources + Delicious Mocktails

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I can’t wait for you to check out these tips and recipes for a delicious balanced morning smoothie, mocktails + alcohol free resources, and habit building hacks!

balanced morning smoothie

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I’m back with an update of the tools, products, and resources I’ve been loving lately! I’m always on the lookout for ways to make living a gut-healthy life as simple and joyful as possible. 

This month I’m sharing five amazing resources and products to help you give your digestive system a rest, nourish your gut, reduce inflammation, and uplevel your habits and routine.  As always, these are things that I personally use, believe in, and love. 

Here’s what I’m loving lately…


I’m a smoothie all year round kinda gal but now that the weather is warmer, I’ve been loving them even more than usual! Smoothies are the best way to start the day because they’re easy to break down and prepare your digestive tract to slowly “wake up.” They’re hydrating, nourishing, and healing for your cells. 

You want to make sure you balance your smoothie with all of the necessary macronutrients while packing in the micronutrients as well. It should have the right amount of protein, healthy fats, carbs, and fiber, to keep you full and satisfied. This balance stabilizes your blood sugar, supplies your brain with energy, keeps your digestive system moving efficiently, and allows you to better absorb vitamins and minerals! 

This anti-inflammatory Golden Smoothie recipe is a perfect example of a wonderfully balanced morning smoothie with pineapple, banana, coconut milk, ginger, turmeric, and more. Let me know how you like it!

superfood powders for gut healthy smoothies

While we are on the topic of smoothies, I always incorporate quality protein into my smoothie recipes. It’s a key ingredient, typically in the form of a protein powder! But… not just any protein powder will do. Choosing the right brand is necessary to prevent G.I. distress and promote healing. You’ll want to look for protein powders that are not made from whey, contain minimal, non-GMO, organic ingredients, and are tested for heavy metals.

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is one of my favorites! It’s been my go-to for many years, as it’s approved for those with gut dysfunction or autoimmunity. It’s easily digestible and packed with essential amino acids. Plus, it’s totally plant-based. It’s actually made from European golden peas! My favorite is the vanilla flavor— I add it to almost every smoothie I make. 

If you want to try it out, you can grab 10% off using code nikkiyeltonrd at checkout! 


I’m currently reading this book and let me tell you, it is life changing. I’m a big proponent of lifelong learning and Atomic Habits by James Clear offers a framework to reach your goals in simple sustainable ways. Our habits are so important when it comes to our health, happiness, and productivity. 

So many of you have expressed to me that you become stuck in a cycle of starting out gung-ho and then getting frustrated, losing motivation, and falling back into old habits. If this sounds like you, I highly recommend this book. It gives you a proper system for change and is so motivating!

Atomic Habits teaches you how in order to reach your goals, all you need is a little bit every day. It’s packed with actionable tools and strategies you can apply to any area in your life. I’m learning how to master these tiny behaviors that make up my life by forming good habits and breaking bad ones. A little bit of action every day and the power of time compound to create huge results! Perfection is not the secret to a healthy life, but consistency is. 


If you’re in the process of healing your gut, I highly suggest avoiding alcohol as it can set you back significantly. The inflammation it causes is too much for your body to handle when in the midst of healing. Alcohol is just not worth it in my opinion! All drinking does is slow down your progress. But this does NOT mean you can’t enjoy something non-alcoholic, like this Virgin Raspberry Mojito.

To learn a bit more about how alcohol affects your body with autoimmunity AND the less inflammatory drinks to opt for once you’ve healed, check out my resource— Alcohol & Autoimmune Disease + Less Inflammatory Options.

I love sharing my favorite resources to help you live a healthy life. Prioritizing your health is the best form of self care. And it CAN be simple, especially if you have the right tools to help you along.

As always, I would LOVE for you to join me in finding and sharing helpful health resources!   Leave a comment below and let me know what YOU’VE been loving lately! I’d be thrilled to check out some of your favorite tools and share with this incredible community! 

balanced morning smoothies

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