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Nikki’s Faves: My Favorite Skincare, Spring Home Scent Collection, Honey for Gut Health + Naturally Gluten Free Foods

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I’m sharing four amazing resources and non-toxic products to help pamper yourself, create a joyful space, reduce inflammation, conquer allergy season with honey for gut health, nourish your body, and uplevel your microbiome & overall health.

non-toxic skincare

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I’m sharing four amazing resources and non-toxic products to help pamper yourself, create a joyful space, reduce inflammation, conquer allergy season with honey for gut health, nourish your body, and uplevel your microbiome & overall health. As always, these are things that I personally use, believe in, and love. 

I am always on the lookout for ways to make living a gut-healthy life as simple and joyful as possible! 

Here’s what I’m loving lately…


Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this is the perfect gift for the mom in your life who seems to have everything she needs. 

This is my personal favorite brand of non-toxic skincare made with high quality plant extracts! Clean skincare is so important because the skin is our largest organ and acts as our body’s first barrier of defense, blocking pathogens from entering into the body and bloodstream. 

Annmarie gave me a special deal for Mother’s Day to share with this community on the Essentials set, which includes my two favorite products— the Renew cream cleanser and Radiate facial moisturizing oil. When you buy a facial oil, you get the cleanser for free + free shipping! A wonderful gift for any mom in your life!


It’s Spring cleaning season and the perfect time to refresh your home and create a space that sparks joy! Your environment can have a powerful effect on your mind, mood, motivation, and stress levels. I love Primally Pure products because they’re organic and made with clean, simple, and effective ingredients. 

They just released a Spring Home Collection and I am LOVING it! You’ll see the collection includes hand soap, room spray, and essential oil blends. The scents of pink grapefruit, wild lavender, white sage, and palo santo fill my home and make me feel invigorated. Another great gift idea for all the moms in your life! 


I love adding this manuka honey to my beverages and meals for gut health and immune support. It’s also wonderful at combating allergies, which is perfect for this time of year. Manuka honey is actually antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, AND antiviral! It’s even proven to be effective against resistant bacteria like C. diff, which is a bacteria that causes inflammation of the bowel.

This Wedderspoon raw manuka honey is incredible because it has living enzymes and a K-Factor of 16. This means the honey is guaranteed to have at least a 75% manuka pollen count! This honey is traceable from hive to home, unpasteurized, non-GMO, and free of antibiotics, glyphosate, and pesticides. 

honey for gut health

Did you know you can be sensitive to gluten even if you don’t have celiac disease?! This is called “Non-celiac gluten sensitivity.” Gluten triggers the release of zonulin, which is a protein that loosens the junctions between cells in the gut and leads to leaky gut syndrome!  

This is why I love to incorporate gluten free foods in my and my clients’ meal plans. Rather than processed foods stripped of gluten, I always opt for naturally gluten free foods such as legumes, fruit, vegetables, eggs, nuts, meats, and gluten free whole grains such as rice, quinoa, millet and corn. To learn more about a gluten free diet, how it impacts the body, and whether it’s right for you, check out this article here!

I’m thrilled to be sharing my favorite resources to help you live a wellness-centered life. Prioritizing your health should and CAN be simple, especially if you have the right tools to help you along the way. 

As always, I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let me know what YOU’VE been loving lately! 

honey for gut health

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