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Nikki’s Faves: Coconut Aminos, Best Magnesium Powder, Non-Toxic Straws + Finding your Happy Weight

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Check out these resources to help you add yummy flavor to your meals, get a good night of restorative sleep, be better to the environment AND your body, and find your happy weight!

magnesium powder

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Every month I am SO excited to share my favorite tools, products, and resources that I’ve been using and loving lately. Living a healthy lifestyle can be simple, convenient, and delicious! 

This month I’m sharing four amazing resources and products to help you add yummy flavor to your meals, get a good night of restorative sleep, be better to the environment AND your body, and find your happy weight. As always, these are things that I personally use, believe in, and love. 

Here’s what I’m loving lately…

what I'm loving like coconut aminos

I use coconut aminos ALL THE TIME. If you’re a member of my meal plan membership you’ve likely seen this super versatile condiment again and again in my gut healthy recipes. 

Coconut Secret coconut aminos is a great soy sauce alternative that is gluten-free, soy-free, and MSG-free. It adds such amazing flavor to pretty much anything! It makes for an awesome base for a sauce or marinade on meat, fish, and veggies. I love using it on dishes like turkey stir-fry, as a glaze on salmon or chicken, as a salad dressing, and SO MUCH MORE. It’s the perfect swap in Japanese, Thai, and Chinese inspired dishes. Plus, it’s super high in amino acid content which are the building blocks of protein!


An estimated 50% of Americans consume less than the average requirement for magnesium and on top of that, stress, alcohol, processed foods, and antibiotics deplete our magnesium stores. Healthy magnesium levels are essential for optimal sleep! When we’re deficient in this vital mineral, our bodies have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. And you know how much sleep is ESSENTIAL for your health! 

I like to take Live Pristine Magnesium Powder about 30 minutes before bed because it promotes relaxation and reduces stress before it’s time to hit the hay. The powder mixes with water to create magnesium bicarbonate, which has been known to reduce insomnia, headaches, and inflammation. It’s formulated specifically to help support healthy magnesium levels and help you feel calm!  

magnesium for the body

If you know me, you know I love my beverages! I start my day off each morning with a big glass of water, a smoothie, and a coffee. Sometimes I might even throw a gut healthy tea or some bone broth in there. These glass straws are my favorite thing to use to sip out of all my fave yummy drinks. They fit in my to-go cups perfectly as well! 

These straws are reusable so they’re better for the environment than single use plastic. Plus, from a toxin standpoint, they’re much better for your body! They’re made of BPA-free glass, which means there’s no chemicals leaching from plastic or any metal aftertaste. You can choose a pack of clear straws or opt for a fun multi-colored pack! 


 A healthy weight will look different for each person. Give yourself the freedom to pursue healing and find what a happy weight looks like for YOU. For most people there is a deeper root to stubborn weight. And a low calorie diet can often be void of nutrients, which can be even more detrimental to your metabolism, especially if you have gut issues or autoimmunity.  In functional medicine, we view weight gain or stubborn weight as a symptom, not a root cause. 

The primary culprit of weight gain or the inability to lose is INFLAMMATION. Chronic inflammation throws the body out of homeostasis, which results in dysfunction. So, what’s the key to reducing inflammation, returning balance to the body, and maintaining healthy weight? Biohacking your metabolism! When the body is able to maintain homeostasis, it can naturally maintain a healthy weight.

For tips to effectively and safely support a healthy metabolism and weight, even with autoimmunity check out the latest blog—  Top Hacks to Find Your Happy Weight with Autoimmune Disease. 

Thank you for being a part of this incredible community. I’m truly honored and grateful you’re here! I love sharing my favorite tools and resources with you. Your health is worth it!

As always, I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let me know what YOU’VE been loving lately!

coconut aminos, best magnesium powder. non-toxic straws, and finding your happy weight

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