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Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Toast Hack 

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If you’re missing bread, I encourage you to try this Creamy Sweet Potato Toast recipe. It’s so delicious and surprisingly has the same feel as a slice of toast!

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Toast Hack 

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If you’re looking to heal your gut and reverse autoimmunity, one of the most common foods I suggest you avoid is anything with gluten, even if you don’t have Celiac! 

I know this can make some of you a little sad because bread is just… so good. But this is why I am ALL about coming up with yummy alternatives to classic faves. 

I know one of my favorite things to eat before I was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease and leaky gut was toast! 

It’s such a simple breakfast or snack but something about it is just so comforting. You can almost feel the dopamine release when you take a bite. Warm toasty bread with a little spread of something yummy on top… I always liked a little jam spread on mine! 

I no longer eat toast because gluten and I are not good friends, however this doesn’t mean I have to give up my favorite foods! And neither do you… we just have to get a bit creative!

A new staple in my life when I get that craving for toast is sweet potato toast! 

When you slice a sweet potato and toast it up the right way, it surprisingly has the same feel as a slice of toast! Plus if you keep the skin on, it almost mimics crust! 

Sweet potatoes are an awesome source of soluble and insoluble fiber which are fantastic for the gut! Some plant fibers are actually considered prebiotic. This means your gut bacteria can ferment the fiber and use it as fuel. It then releases short chain fatty acids that strengthen the cells of your intestinal lining! And not to mention, sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins and nutrients like beta carotene.

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Toast Hack 

This means not only is sweet potato a good alternative to toast, but it also packs extra nutrition. A lot of gluten free bread options aren’t actually nutritious, they’re just stripped of the gluten and compensate by adding lots of gums and fillers. Gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean healthy! 

If you’re missing bread, I encourage you to try this Creamy Sweet Potato Toast recipe. I show you how to toast up the “slices” so that it mimics bread wonderfully. And then we throw some sunflower butter and coconut yogurt on top to make it creamy and delicious! 

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Creamy Sweet Potato Toast

  • Author: Nikki Yelton
  • Total Time: 15 mins
  • Yield: 2 servings 1x


If you’re missing bread, I encourage you to try this Creamy Sweet Potato Toast recipe. It’s so delicious and surprisingly has the same feel as a slice of toast!


  • 1 Sweet Potato (large)
  • 1/4 cup Sunflower Seed Butter
  • 2 tbsps Unsweetened Coconut Yogurt


  1. Trim the pointy ends off of the sweet potato then cut it half lengthwise into 1/4 inch slices to create long toast-like pieces.
  2. Place the sweet potato slices into the toaster and toast twice or until golden brown. Or set your oven to broil and bake on a sheet for three to six minutes per side, or until golden brown.
  3. Once the sweet potato has cooled slightly, add the sunflower seed butter to each slice. Top with coconut yogurt. Enjoy!

To make this Creamy Sweet Potato Toast recipe even more interesting, I like to add seasonal fruit on top as well! It’s delicious with some berries, bananas, or one of my favorites一 peaches! 

In this community we like to frame our perspective to see that we don’t have to say no to the things we love, we’re simply saying yes to healing alternatives and a healthy & joyful life!

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Toast Hack 

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