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My Favorite Meal Plan Hacks For Gut Health & Autoimmunity

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Without a doubt, the foods we eat largely affect our health and overall well-being, including autoimmunity and gut function. I created the Gut & Autoimmune Meal Plan Subscription to make daily meals delicious, effortless, and easy!

Food in the meal plan for gut health and autoimmunity

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You know what they say: you are what you eat. Without a doubt, the foods we eat largely affect our health and overall well-being, including autoimmunity and gut function. I created the Gut & Autoimmune Meal Plan Subscription when I realized how many women were struggling with the basics of eating, especially when gut and autoimmune issues were at play. Although motivated, these women were searching everywhere for answers and didn’t have time to waste planning or organizing meals each week. They weren’t getting the help they needed! 

The Gut & Autoimmune Meal Plan Subscription was created in effort to make daily meals delicious, effortless, and easy!


The Gut & Autoimmune Meal Plan Subscription was created for those who want to improve their gut health and reduce symptoms of autoimmunity. This subscription is for you if you are motivated to start or stay on track, feel less bloated and inflamed, and are so over feeling frazzled and scatter-brained and are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired without knowing what to eat! This membership will help turn around a downward spiral of feeling defeated, fatigued and frustrated to an upward spiral of energy, positivity and vibrant health.

I encourage you to give food a chance and get started if you: 

  • Have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition
  • Suffer from gut issues
  • Feel chronically tired and sick
  • Do not have the time or energy to figure out your daily meals
  • Do not enjoy putting together your daily meals
  • Feel confused and overwhelmed by food
  • Want to learn more about your body, inducing food sensitivities and triggers
  • Are ready to make lasting changes for your health

The Gut & Autoimmune Meal Plan Subscription is in no way, shape, or form a quick fix, magic pill, or trendy diet. It is not intended for weight loss or immediate symptom relief. That being said, this meal plan is designed to support your body foundationally and promote healing from the inside-out.

If you experience the following symptoms, chances are your gut is imbalanced and can benefit from a food-first approach. 

  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Aches and pains
  • Headaches
  • Depression and irritability
  • Stomach pain
  • Food intolerances
  • Stubborn weight gain
  • Constipation
  • Skin breakouts 
Signs ans symptoms of gut imbalance like food intolerance, indigestion, and stomach pain

I’ve personally experienced the benefits of a gut healthy and autoimmune friendly diet in my life, and I can confidently say that food has been the most impactful part of my healing journey. 

For those of you who might be new here, and don’t know my story, I struggled with GI distress and 3 autoimmune conditions for over a decade. Through my own healing journey, I discovered Functional Medicine and decided to make it my career because I believed so much that it is the medicine of the future! 

Once I healed my gut, I reversed my autoimmune conditions, and I got my life back! I knew I had to share that with the world. You can read more about my story here. 

Since that time, I’ve spent over a decade helping women take the guesswork out by providing them with simplified plans that help them feel their best in less time. I believe every woman deserves to experience healing from the inside out without feeling overwhelmed.

That’s why I created the Gut & Autoimmune Meal Plan Subscription that is clinically and custom designed to improve your microbiome and balance your body. We do this together by following a specific gut healthy and autoimmune friendly meal plan that helps reduce inflammation for optimal health.


The Gut & Autoimmune Meal Plan Subscription is your comprehensive guide to eating with autoimmunity or gut dysfunction. It supports your health, instead of hindering it, and takes the guesswork out of eating delicious, gut healthy and AIP-approved meals. Each meal is carefully designed to reduce inflammation and remove common GI triggers while providing a balance of macronutrients so that your body can work at its best. 

The meal plans are all 100% gluten free, dairy free (with a few options to add goat or sheep on occasion), soy free, and grain free (with a few exceptions if you wanted to modify). In addition, I also incorporate meals that are low lectin, nightshade, and FODMAP as well to improve digestion. 

The meal plans are always based on the time of the year and season since our body performs at it’s best when we choose to eat what is local to us based on the rich nutrients in the soil. My favorite feature of the meal plan subscription is the special edition meal plans that run from October through January. There’s a Fall Harvest, Thanksgiving, Holiday, Cookie Exchange, and then a January reset. 

What you get in the meal plan subscription such as customer AIP-approved meal plans

The Gut & Autoimmune Meal Plan Subscription includes the following each month:

  • Custom gut healthy and autoimmune-friendly meal plan
  • Comprehensive grocery list according to your meal plan
  • Recipe booklet with 35 clinically created meals
  • Access to a private members only Facebook group
  • Video tutorial each month teaching you the method behind the new meal plan
  • Live Q&A office hours with Nikki

These AIP-approved recipes include many of my favorites, like breakfast smoothies, soups, salads, quick lunches and dinners, on-the-go snacks, healthy desserts, beverage alternatives, and more. 

In addition to easily and conveniently expanding your recipe book, you’ll also develop a strong community of fellow “AIP-ers.” And, I firmly believe a strong support system is immensely beneficial for any healing journey.


I created The Gut & Autoimmune Meal Plan Subscription to provide AIP-approved recipes that improve your overall health. As a result of this program, you can expect:

Health benefits of the meal plan subscription such as promotes healing, reduces cravings, and up levels the microbiome
Uplevels the Microbiome 

Your microbiome changes overtime due to many factors and by pressing “reset” on your diet, your microbiome quickly alters its environment for the better.

Improves Energy

By eliminating burdensome toxins and triggers you will notice improved sleep and as a result, you’ll likely feel more rested and energized than ever before!

Reactivates Metabolism

When your metabolism gets a jumpstart, you can expect natural weight and fat loss if you have excess weight to lose, balanced blood sugar and hormones, improved circadian rhythm, and more!

Creates Good Habits

Sticking to a plan each month sets the stage for a fresh start. It’s a great time to assess your mental, physical, and spiritual habits and make changes, if necessary.

Promotes Healing   

Properly nourishing your body reduces overall inflammation. Given inflammation is the root cause of all diseases, I’d say this benefit is a #1 priority. 

Improves Mental Clarity

You can say good-bye to brain fog and hello to mental focus, concentration, and clarity by following a gut healthy & autoimmune friendly meal plan.

Boosts Mood

Eating a balanced, anti-inflammatory diet reduces overall inflammation which clears brain fog and boosts mood. You’ll be able to release negative thoughts, increase serotonin production, and lift depression and anxiety. 

Balances Hormones

As a result of reducing inflammation, your body is free to produce and regulate your hormones as it should.

Increased Nutrient Absorption

As digestion improves each month, so does your absorption of vitamins & minerals, leaving you more nourished than before.

Reduced Cravings 

When your body receives and absorbs the nutrients it needs, sugar cravings disappear all on their own. You’ll also learn how to tap into hunger cues more efficiently. You can kick those sugar cravings to the curb by reducing processed foods.


You can start The Gut & Autoimmune Meal Plan Subscription at any point you feel ready to make a change and begin your healing journey. There’s no better time than right now to prioritize your health! I’m a firm believer that food is the fastest way to see improvement if you suffer with an autoimmune condition. 

When you enroll, you gain immediate access to your first meal plan and entry to the private members only FB group. From there, you’ll receive a new meal plan, grocery list, goal setting activities, and new recipes on the first day of the month! You’ll also gain access to a private community, supplement recommendations, coach and peer support, and monthly coaching calls with me (Nikki). You can cancel anytime if you feel it isn’t right for you (but I am confident you’ll love it). 

Don’t struggle with what to eat ever again! You can learn more, read the frequently asked questions, or sign up for The Gut & Autoimmune Meal Plan Subscription here. 

Have more questions? Just send us an email at or come chat with us on our homepage! 

How to Make a Simple & Effective Gut Health & Autoimmune Meal Plan

  1. It’s great to hear that an auto-immune meal service can help out people recovering from an illness or help with an imbalanced gut. I recently came out of a really bad flu and am still a bit under the weather. Hopefully, I can get a good auto-immune meal service to help me with my recovery.

    • Nikki Yelton says:

      Hi Tammie, sorry to hear you’ve been sick. It sounds like you are prioritizing your gut health which is definitely the best place to start to support your immune system and recovery! The foods we eat have such a huge impact in healing so keep up the great work 🙂

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