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How to Reduce EMF Exposure to Improve Your Health

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It’s critical to stay up-to-date on the latest research regarding technology and how they affect our health. To help you do so, I encourage you to learn about the effects of EMF exposure and how to reduce EMFs.

How to Reduce EMF Exposure

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Technology is constantly evolving and advancing– mostly for the better. But, these new advancements also come at a cost. There’s no doubt that the latest and greatest technological products have improved our society as a whole,  but what about their effects on our health? It’s critical to stay up-to-date on the latest research regarding technology and how they affect our health. To help you do so, I encourage you to learn about the effects of EMF exposure and how to reduce EMFs.


The term EMF stands for electric and magnetic fields (or frequencies), which is the result of electric power. This invisible energy, also called “radiation,” is broken down into two categories: ionizing and non-ionizing

Ionizing EMFs have higher frequencies and short wavelengths. This kind of EMF can break chemical bonds (when electrons separate from an atom), which causes oxidative damage in the body. 

Non-ionizing EMFs have a lower frequency and longer wavelength. Unlike ionizing EMFs, they cannot break chemical bonds. While some argue their effect on our health is much less damaging, others believe any exposure to EMFs is concerning. 

Most functional medicine professionals are firmly planted in the latter camp, as studies are beginning to show the negative effects of EMF exposure (both ionizing and non-ionizing) on our health.


The frequencies of radiation range from Electricity’s 60 Hz (waves per second) up to and over a Wi-Fi Router (5 Billion Hz or waves per second). The higher frequencies of Bluetooth & Wi-Fi tend to be where most of our newer issues have come from.

How to Reduce EMF Exposure

The truth is we are exposed to both types of EMFs on a daily basis. These are the most common sources:


  • X-rays
  • Gamma rays


  • Cell phones and towers
  • Microwaves
  • Wifi routers 
  • 5G networks
  • Electrical devices and appliances
  • Ultraviolet radiation 
  • Infrared radiation 
  • Smart meters
  • Bluetooth devices 
  • High voltage power lines 
  • Transformers
  • Household electricity 
How to Reduce EMF Exposure

Non-ionizing EMFs are often the result of low frequency, man-made radiation emitted from modern technology. We are most exposed to this kind of EMF through daily electronics, such as WIFI, bluetooth, cell phones, cell towers, high voltage power lines, transformers, electrical appliances, household devices, and new 5G networks. These man-made EMF sources are polarized, which causes them to have increased biological activity. And, if nothing else, the increase in EMF exposure over the last ten to twenty years is concerning enough. We are constantly exposed. So, the question remains, how much is too much?


Unfortunately there has been a lot of fear since the new 5G network rolled out and many people are questioning the safety of these EMF’s that are at an all time high. 

Additionally, with advanced technology covering every corner of our country, there are more man-made EMFs now than ever before. 

Since most of our advanced technology is relatively new, we still do not know the long-term effects of EMFs on our health. But, we are aware of many short-term concerns. In fact many prestigious scientists & Medical Doctors…along with the tens of thousands of research studies out there that prove that EMF’s are now beyond a serious epidemic which can cause a “significant percentage of the disease we now face.” 

The fact is our bodies are made of energy. Since man-made energy is much stronger than that in our bodies, any source of man-made energy is bound to have varying effects on our health (mental and physical). For example, man-made EMFs force tiny molecules in and around your cells to shake and vibrate. This results in extra force on your cell’s electro-sensors, disrupts your cell’s electrochemical balance, and ultimately, damages DNA. 

How to Reduce EMF Exposure
According to studies and scientific papers, household EMF’s can cause many different symptoms and biological effects including: 
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Headaches
  • Immune system imbalances
  • Reproductive issues, such as low sperm count 
  • Increased risk of alzheimer’s disease 
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Links to autism 
  • DNA damage

Sources of bluetooth and Wi-Fi have higher frequencies, which tend to be the cause of most of these negative health effects. Over 10,000 research papers have been published linking EMFs to increasing national health crises and diseases. In fact, EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) is now a syndrome characterized by multiple health symptoms caused by EMFs. Children and pregnant women are at an even greater risk, according to recent studies, as they are more susceptible to cell disruption from EMF exposure.

Believe it or not, there is more evidence that EMF’s harm people than smoking does, yet the public is kept in the dark about it. There is no doubt more research is needed for the long term potential impact EMF’s will have on our health as a Nation. 


While we will never be able to fully protect ourselves from the negative effects of EMFs, we can take steps to mitigate and reduce EMF exposure. After all, I think most of us would agree that much of modern technology (like the cell phone and wifi) has bettered our society in many ways. 

As with most things, balance is key. How can we enjoy the benefits of technology while protecting ourselves from the effects of EMFs? Follow these 6 steps to reduce EMF exposure:

Avoid wearing technological devices on your body

Many wearable tech devices are now all the rage, such as wireless headphones and airpods, oura rings, fitbits, apple watches, and so many others. However, allowing these sources of EMFs to have direct contact to your body greatly increases your exposure to them. Instead, opt for the “old school” alternatives, like wired headphones and use your phone on speaker mode.

If you must wear these devices, be sure to turn your bluetooth OFF on your devices so they can continue to work without as much EMF exposure. 

Turn your phone on airplane mode when possible, especially at night

By turning your phone onto airplane mode, you are denying it’s access to wifi, which largely decreases your exposure. This is especially important overnight when sleeping, particularly if you sleep with your phone in your bedroom. 

To take it a step further, try not to sleep next to any motors such as an air filter, fan, or AC unit as an example. 

Limit bluetooth devices and opt for plug in

Nowadays, there are endless options for “smart” home devices, including those connected to bluetooth. Limit the devices you allow in your home to reduce EMFs. This includes Alexa, smart night lights/alarm clocks, smart TVs, smart kitchen appliances, and more. 

There are many other Wifi free options you can choose instead for devices such as baby monitors, sound machines, and music speakers. Again, opt for “old school” products that need to be physically plugged in.

When you have to use “smart” devices and can’t turn them off at some point before going to bed, be sure to turn your bluetooth setting off on your phone. 

Increase your magnesium intake

Magnesium is one of the biggest nutrient deficiencies in America. This is especially concerning when it comes to EMF exposure, as magnesium offers natural protection against the negative effects of EMFs. Magnesium reduces stress and inflammation in the body– both of which are increased by EMF exposure. When taking a magnesium supplement, make sure it’s in a bioavailable form. I highly recommend magnesium bicarbonate, glycinate, or oxide. You can find these through a quality online supplement dispensary, such as Fullscript

Hard Wire Your Home & Office

Although this might sound tedious, taking the time and effort to hardwire your home is worth the investment. I recommend getting someone in who is trained in this rather than attempting this yourself (to avoid any unnecessary headaches). 

It’s also helpful to remove all dimmer switches in the home that are creating dirty electricity. Hiring an electrician to repair the wiring errors that are creating magnetic fields is a simple way to achieve this. You can also Install an EMF Kill Switch to shut down the bedroom’s power at night with one click of a remote if you prefer to reduce EMFs this way. 

Hardwiring your home simply means installing cables inside your house to make sure things like electricity and internet are connected reliably, and without the use of signals. For electricity, it means running wires in your walls so you can plug in devices and turn on lights safely. For the internet, it’s about using wires to connect your devices to the internet router, giving you a faster and more stable connection than Wi-Fi. Hardwiring makes sure everything works well and doesn’t rely on wireless signals containing EMF’s.

I can’t recommend these simple steps in your home enough especially if you plan to be at your current residence for over a year. It can drastically resume the amount of EMF’s circulating throughout the home and improve your health! 

Practice more grounding

Grounding helps balance the body’s electrical charge, which subsequently can reduce inflammation, improve sleep, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. Some proponents suggest that grounding may also help mitigate the potential adverse effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by electronic devices and power lines. You can ground yourself by simply stepping barefoot outside on grass, soil, sand, mud, or water. Since the earth has a negative charge, grounding discharges extra cellular energy from our bodies into the earth, resulting in impressive health benefits. While grounding alone may not provide a complete solution to EMF exposure, it is seen by some as a complementary practice that, when combined with other strategies, can contribute to better health and wellness in our modern, technology-driven world. 

Invest in quality EMF mitigating devices

While there are many natural (and free) ways to mitigate the effects of EMFs, EMF blockers can also be worth investing in. These products organize and balance the energy in your environment to prevent the disruption of your cells. I personally love and recommend EMF Solutions. Check out their Home Harmonizer, iCell chip, and EMF device chip for daily EMF protection. I personally love their wrist band that looks like an Apple watch. I wear this when I am stepping out of my house at all times for EMF protection. 

In addition, I also love and use the products from DefenderShield for my laptop, pregnancy bands, headphones, etc. 

For the best of the best whole home EMF filtration, I personally use, love, and recommend either the Somavedic or BlueShield device. While they won’t “block” EMF’s (this is what hard wiring is good for), they will help to “harmonize” and reduce your overall exposure. 

How to Reduce EMF Exposure

Luckily, there are numerous resources to support EMF dangers and help you support your health by reducing your exposure. 

BioInitiative Group – The BioInitiative Report tab is the best to start with as it dives into a recent study done in 2012 and the conclusions that were drawn from it. There are summaries of almost 2,000 studies here!

Powerwatch – Get the scoop from highly trained professionals like scientists, engineers, and medical researchers who have studied EMF’s and their effects extensively.

EMF Alliance IEMFA, the International Electromagnetic Fields Alliance, is supported by a growing global network of scientifically grounded experts in various fields such as biology, physics, medicine, and epidemiology. These experts work together to provide a comprehensive understanding of the biological disruptions caused by non-ionizing radiation, addressing potential long-term health risks. IEMFA also partners with prominent life-science institutions and non-governmental organizations worldwide.

EMF Scientist Group -The International EMF Scientist Appeal represents a significant voice of electromagnetic field (EMF) experts, urgently urging the United Nations, including its agencies like WHO and UNEP, as well as all U.N. Member States, to enhance health safeguards concerning EMF exposure.

EMF Safety This website has a multitude of archives that will help us all get familiar with the progression EMF’s have made over the years, and steps to take to create a safer environment.


Living a healthy life is a lifelong commitment, and it’s a dynamic journey of discovery, personal growth, and adapting to the changing world around us. In this journey, it’s important to learn how to coexist with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in our modern ever-evolving environment. As you embark on this path of understanding and taking control of your EMF exposure, you’re not just improving your physical health but also enhancing your peace of mind. It’s a journey that celebrates the small victories, as each adjustment you make contributes to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Embrace this journey with enthusiasm! Know that you have the power to make a positive difference in your life and the lives of those you care about!

How to Reduce EMF Exposure

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