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Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas (2020 Edition)

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I’m breaking down the best healthy holiday gift ideas for the the person in your life who is committed to wellness. These gifts are all the things I love, personally use, and trust.

Gift ideas

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The Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

The new list of healthy holiday gift ideas is back and in full swing again this year. If you feel like 2020 came and went in the blink of an eye, you’re not alone. Believe it or not, the holidays are already creeping up on us. This means delicious food, family gatherings, and the season of gift giving.

In the spirit of health (which we can all use more of this year), here is your healthy holiday gift guide. It includes all things “health,”  from skincare, snacks, fitness, and more. There is sure to be a little something for any budget and every person and on your list!

You might even find something here to add to your own wish list. Every brand listed is having their largest sale of the year right now so this is the perfect time to invest in your health for the new year ahead!


For the non-toxic women in your life, give the gift of healthy skin. These toxin-free brands are my personal favorites for makeup, lotions, and more.

Safe non-toxic skincare and makeup brands
  • Annmarie Skincare: My personal favorite brand of non-toxic skincare made with the highest quality plant extracts. They now carry a new botanical based shampoo and conditioner too! This weekend you can save 25% off and grab a free purity sample kit.
  • Alitura: Excellent non-toxic skincare for the ladies (and men) in your life. Their non-toxic face masks are award winning. You can save up to 75% this week!
  • The Detox Market Makeup: The best one-stop-shop for all non-toxic makeup brands. I use RMS makeup, Josh Rosebrook hair care, Fitglow makeup remover, Leahlani spa skincare (try their Bless beauty balm and mask rituals + aromatherapy perfume oils), Vintner’s Daughter super potent anti-aging serum, and many more! This weekend you can save on every dollar you spend.
  • Primally Pure: I can’t get enough of their epsom bath salts, everything spray, body butters, and the fancy face serum. You can save an ADDITIONAL 25% off through Monday using code NY25
  • Pique Beauty Elixer Teas: The highest quality teas that are mold and mycotoxin free. They are even triple tested for heavy metals. The hibiscus beauty elixer promotes a healthy antioxidant infused glow. They are currently having their largest sale (20% off) with code BFCM20. You can also grab an additional 5% off using code NIKKIYELTONRD at checkout.
  • Skylar Perfume: 50% off amazing natural scents as an upgrade to replace regular perfume using code: CLEAN50 at checkout


These home items are perfect for any health enthusiast in your family or friend circle. 

Gift ideas for the home
  • Avocado Mattress: You spend 1/3 of your life in bed sleeping. Having a good mattress can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. I recommend Avocado for the best non-toxic bedding, including the most comfortable mattresses and organic sheets. They currently have their largest sales of the year!
  • Berkey Water Filter: The one water filter I will always suggest as the first step to improving your health. I also recommend their shower filters and portable water filters for on the go traveling. If you’re thinking about investing in a Berkey, now is the time. You can save over $100 on the big filters this week!
  • Branch Basics Starter-Kit: My favorite non-toxic brand of cleaning supplies. This kit is so versatile and you can use it for absolutely everything in your home (kid, pet, and food friendly). It’s really concentrated and lasts awhile! You can save 20% off all kits this weekend.
  • Young Living Essential Oils Membership & Starter Kit: If you’re thinking about starting an oil journey to improve your health, there is no better time than the Holidays. The best Young Living sales happen on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can save on a new starter kit if you want to become a member and get oils at wholesale prices. The kit includes a diffuser and every oil you need to start using aromatherapy. My favorite Young Living oils are Brain power, stress care, Frankincense, and Thieves for immune support.
  • AirDoctor: One of the best air purifiers for the home. Breathing fresh air is essential to your health! You can save over $200 on Air Doctor this weekend!
  • Salt Lamp: This would make a great gift at an awesome price point to help restore energy and calmness throughout the day. I also use these lamps at night to help my eyes adjust and improve sleep quality as I unwind.


Given the prevalence of nutrient deficiencies, overburdened bodies, and poor diets, supplements play a big role in optimal health. 

Best supplements for gut health and autoimmune disease
  • Fullscript: Brands matter when choosing supplements. In fact, most supplements can do more harm to your body if they are poor quality. Labels are often misleading. Fullscript is an online dispensary with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements in one place.
  • Ritual Vitamins: Custom packages of high quality active multivitamins (and prenatals) for those who want to take a simple one a day complex and looking for a solid option to get started.
  • Seed Probiotics: An excellent starter probiotic for the person who isn’t sure what their gut bacteria looks like and what probiotic to take. 80% of the population would benefit and improve their health with these strains!
  • Nuzest: One of the protein powders I often recommend for gut health is over 30% off this week. You can use code nikkiyeltonrd at checkout for ADDITIONAL savings.
  • Perfect Protein: You can save 30% this week on heavy metal tested and screened hydrolyzed collagen protein, gelatin, and their protein powder. This is the protein powder I recommend for individuals with SIBO specifically.


Raise your hand if you love a fresh cup o’ Joe in the morning! Luckily, high quality coffee and teas are packed with many antioxidants and a little caffeine to keep you energized and healthy.

Best coffee and teas gifts
  • Purity Coffee: My absolute favorite cup of clean organic coffee that is safe for individuals on a gut and autoimmune program. Free of mold and mycotoxins that are common in coffee beans. You can save an additional 20% off this week with code NIKKIYELTONRD at checkout
  • Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Coffee Elixirs: I love these adaptogen coffee and tea elixers to improve relaxation and stress. You can save 50% this weekend!
  • Pique Gut Healthy Teas: I can’t talk about Pique enough! They have a beautiful new holiday tea set on sale that makes the perfect gift for anyone you know who loves tea. There is nothing that beats the purity and quality of these potent tea crystals. You can save 25% off your entire order and an additional 5% off your first order with code NIKKIYELTONRD at checkout
  • Nespresso Milk Frother: Such a fun way to enjoy a latte at home!
  • Yeti Coffee Cup: My personal favorite cup to have my coffee or teas in. It keeps my beverages hot for hours in a safe BPA free stainless steel cup.


If you have a special person in your life who loves to move their body, check out these fitness favorites. This list is for weight lifters, yogis, joggers, and Zumba dancers.

Fitness gift ideas
  • AirPods Pro: For every fitness fanatic. I actually use these for client calls to cancel noise around me. They are now $50 off on Amazon this week!
  • Oura Ring: Designed to measure your sleep, movement, stress, heartbeat, steps, and more. I’ve had my oura ring for over a year now and it has really helped me see patterns in my routine that affect sleep quality. You can save %100 this weekend.
  • FitBit Inspire: Another helpful step and activity tracker that can help you reach your fitness goals.
  • Peloton: Although a splurge, it doesn’t get much better than at-home workouts right now. The variety of workouts are endless with a peloton and monthly subscription.


It’s no secret that food is the basis of health. These are my favorite healthy foods to promote health and wellness all year long.

Holiday gift guide for health
  • Lodge Cast Iron: A simple way to improve iron and ferritin levels if you need to improve your levels. It is also a safe cooking method.
  • Vitamix: Did someone say smoothies? There’s actually nothing you can’t make in a Vitamix!
  • Instapot: The quickest way to make a delicious meal. On a busy day I add meat like chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, bone broth, ghee, and coconut aminos in the pot all at once and a delicious healing stew is done in 30 minutes.
  • Breville Juicer: If you enjoy a nutrient dense fresh juice, there is nothing better the Breville.
  • Greenpan Cookware: Affordable non-toxic cookware.
  • Soda Stream: I keep this next to my Berkey and make clean sparkling water. I’ll add some fresh ginger and lemon or mint for a thirst quenching treat.
  • Immersion Blender: This comes in so handy during soup season!
  • Xtrema non-toxic cookware: My favorite brand of non-toxic cookware. They have the largest selection and the sale this weekend is incredible. Cooking is one of the main ways to accumulate heavy metals in the body and this is a really important switch to make eventually to improve your health in the long run. Everything is 25% off this week!


Often, especially in the season of COVID, grocery shopping can be a hassle and inconvenience. So, why not subscribe to high quality, healthy grocery delivery?

Healthy holiday food and gifts
  • Butcher Box: High quality, delicious meat. Their sale includes 6 free steaks with a new membership.
  • Sizzlefish: High quality, wild-caught seafood. You can save 20% this weekend.
  • Thrive Market: The best pantry staples. I love that you can filter everything out through diet, such as AIP, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, paleo, etc. New members can grab an extra 30% off this week!
  • Daily Harvest: Delicious, pre-packaged smoothies to have on hand if you are too busy to make one yourself or on the go.


You know what they say: the best things come in small packages.

Healthy stocking stuffer gift ideas
  • Handheld milk frother: This is really handy for quick frothy drinks like tea and matcha.
  • Pique Tea Crystal Packs: These small packs make a great stocking stuffer instead of candy. Save 25% off this weekend.
  • Four Sigmatic Coffee packs: the Cacao Mix is mouth-watering.
  • Tongue Scraper: Maybe not what you would picture in a stocking but bacteria in the mouth is directly related to every other area of health. 
  • CBD oil: Foundational support for sleep, anxiety, pain, and more. Save 20% this weekend.
  • Healthy Pantry Staples: If you love adding candy or food to a stocking, check out all my favorite pantry foods for some inspo.


I firmly believe health is the best gift, and not only during the holiday season. As an integrative practitioner, I offer multiple health services, including:

functional medicine coaching programs and meal plans
  • Advanced Coaching & Microbiome Makeover: There’s never a better time than right now to get help with your gut and autoimmune health goals. You deserve to feel your best with more energy! I help men and women heal their gut and reverse autoimmunity with the most cutting edge functional medicine testing and my personalized 7 step system based on your unique chemistry.
  • Momentum: A special alumni only program coming soon for ongoing coaching support.
  • Meal Plan Subscription: Take the stress out of what to eat to improve your gut health and autoimmunity!
  • Gift Card (just ask us!)

As you can see, this is a pretty comprehensive list of healthy holiday gift ideas. However, there’s more. For the ultimate gift list, head to my resource page. There, you’ll find endless ideas to help you pick the perfect gifts for any health enthusiast in your life!

Healthy holiday gift ideas and guide

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