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Nikki’s Faves: Trace Mineral Drops for Summer, My Morning Routine Hacks, Best Quality Meat +  SAFE Sunscreen

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I’m sharing amazing resources and products to help you stay hydrated with trace mineral drops, prep your digestive system, find the highest quality foods for gut health & autoimmunity, and protect your skin from the sun.

Summer hacks like nontoxic sunscreen and electrolyte mineral drops

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As I’m sure you know, your health is important. Which is why I try to help make it as simple as possible to prioritize living a healthy life! This leads me to my most recent update of the tools, products, and resources I’ve been loving lately such as trace mineral drops, hydration hacks, the best quality meat, and my favorite safe sunscreens. 

I’m sharing amazing resources and products to help you stay hydrated with trace mineral drops, prep your digestive system, find the highest quality foods for gut health & autoimmunity, and protect your skin from the sun. As always, these are things that I personally use, believe in, and love. 

Here’s what I’m loving lately…

mineral drops and electrolytes

Staying hydrated is absolutely essential for all areas of your health, especially in the summer heat! I like to add some extra minerals and salt to my water for an extra boost of hydration and nourishment during this time of year. 

Here are 4 simple ways you can achieve this:

1. Add salt

One simple way to boost your electrolytes and absorb more water is to simple add salt! I prefer Redmond’s sea salt as it is a pure sea salt rich in minerals and free of contaminants. All you need to do is add a pinch each time you grab a glass of water. If you would rather something that has some flavor, LMNT electrolytes provide a clean option. This has an effective ratio of sodium, potassium, and magnesium to support mineral and electrolyte balance. Lately, I’ve also been loving the Pique BT Fountain Beauty Electrolyte. It isn’t too sweet and reminds me of pink lemonade if you add a squeeze of fresh lemon. It contains natural ceramides which is an added bonus if. you are looking for radiant and hydrated skin this summer! You can save 10% off your order using code NIKKIYELTONRD at checkout for any Pique teas (they are my go to for all teas)!

2. Add trace mineral drops

Trace mineral drops are available through the search in Fullscript and can help your body absorb needed vitamins and nutrients and help you maintain healthy energy levels. Trace mineral drops also provide your body’s electrical system with the minerals it needs to function properly. The soil our food grows on has become depleted with minerals, which in turn depletes the minerals from those foods we eat. These trace mineral drops help replenish those minerals that we no longer get from our food source. 

3. Drink an adrenal cocktail

What is all the hype about adrenal cocktails anyway? There’s a lot to love about these trendy drinks and I am all about them during these summer months. I love making them the old fashion way with OJ, cream of tartar, and sea salt. Sometimes though, this can feel more time consuming and if it’s too complicated I’m less likely to want to make it daily. 

That’s why I’ve been loving the Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail mix (available through Fullscript). It is incredible in supporting healthy adrenal function and electrolyte balance. Your adrenals are glands that are responsible for the function of critical hormones. When you’re stressed, your adrenal glands become exhausted and depleted of the nutrients and electrolytes they need to function properly. 

Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail contains ONLY 3 ingredients— acerola cherry extract, potassium bicarbonate, and Redmond’s real salt. You simply mix the powder with water daily upon rising and even in the afternoon if you need another boost.. 

It gives you energy, supports your immune system, reduces bloating, maintains hormone balance, and keeps stress levels at bay. 

The acerola cherry is whole food vitamin C, which is critical for adrenal function and detox. The potassium reacts with vitamin C to regulate cortisol (your stress hormone). Also, when your adrenals are taxed, sodium levels drop resulting in dehydration. The sodium (+ 60 trace minerals) in the Redmond’s salt maintains mineral balance and keeps you hydrated. This is why I recommend this cocktail during this time of year when we’re sweating and more prone to dehydration!

4. Sip on coconut water

Think of coconut water as nature’s gatorade. It is perfectly balanced with sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride to replenish lost electrolytes through sweat. The hot summer months is a great time of the year to carry this with you to the beach or during outdoor activities. I add a splash of OJ and 1/4 tsp of Redmond’s salt to my coconut water for even more electrolyte support (similar to an adrenal cocktail).

Make sure you choose a good quality coconut water to ensure it is supporting your health. Unfortunately some coconut waters are artificially flavored and may even contain added sugar. The best quality coconut water will be pink in color and you should only see one simple ingredients, “coconut water”. My favorite go to brand that you can find at most health food stores is called Harmless Harvest.


A morning routine is SO important to me. It sets the tone and puts me in the right mindset to have a productive and joyful day. However I like to focus my morning routine on not only my mindset, but on my gut health and digestion as well. A good morning routine has the power to prep your digestive system, increase good bacteria, increase metabolic function, and promote regular bowel movements.

In this article, I share my personal morning routine and what I do to promote gut health at the start of each day. I encourage you to start a morning routine that feels best for your lifestyle! I’m willing to bet you’ll feel mental and physical improvements within a few days of sticking to a consistent morning routine. 

For helpful ideas, check out this post— How to Create a Blissful Morning Routine to Boost Gut Health. 

morning routine suggestions like trace mineral drops

Getting your meat from a farmer you can trust is vital these days as most of the meat sold in grocery stores is poor quality. I always recommend Farm Match to find a farm by you (click find food < enter you zip code), but if you can’t get your meat directly from a local farm, Cooks Venture is the next best thing. This is calling your name for those upcoming summer barbecues! It’s a high quality, pasture-raised, and grass-fed beef and poultry delivery company. I love it because during the summer my family loves to grill, but finding quality meat can be difficult. Cooks Venture sources their meat from farmers with high standards and full transparency and then delivers it straight to your door, making the process so easy. They also have totally customizable plans so you get the variety of meat that you and your family love most!


I always pay close attention to the ingredients I put on my skin. Since the sun has officially come out to play, I know I need to protect myself from summer’s strong UV rays. The problem is that most traditional sunscreens contain toxins, potential cancer-causing ingredients like avobenzene, and endocrine disruptors that can compromise our health. Even “clean” sunscreens contain zinc oxide as the active ingredient which isn’t great to use frequently as it can block beneficial vitamin D. While I prefer to train my skin to not burn with a healthy diet and sun moderation, I know there will be some longer beach and boat days where I’ll need the extra layer of protection.

One option I highly recommend is Earthly’s Sun Shield. Although it isn’t technically a sunscreen, it soothes the skin and protects against free radical damage at a cellular level. It contains all organic, cold-pressed oils and butters. These are rich in antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties, natural SPF, and are high in vitamins A, C, and E to soothe and protect your skin naturally.

When I know I need that extra layer of protection for long sun exposure, I opt for a mineral sunscreen. I’ve been researching the safest sunscreen options out there for awhile and I suggest choosing a mineral sunscreen over chemical whenever possible. It’s also important to check the efficacy and safety rating.

I love Badger Natural Mineral Sunscreen because they have extremely high standards for the ingredients that go into their products. I’ve been using the Unscented Zinc Mineral Sunscreen Cream as I know it’s super clean and 98% organic. This sunscreen is what I recommend for babies, children, and those with Celiac or autoimmunity for longer sun exposure! 

I am so appreciative of you and I love sharing my favorite resources to make living a gut-healthy life as simple and joyful as possible! I’m here to provide you with every tool to make prioritizing your health successful and FUN.

I encourage you to comment down below to let me know what YOU’VE been loving lately. I’d be thrilled to check out some of your favorite tools and share with this amazing community! And if you’ve tried any of my current favorites, let me know in the comments and tell me your experience.

trace mineral drops for summer

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