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Nikki’s Faves: The Best Breathwork App, Non-Toxic Cookware, + Thyroid Health & Natural Allergy Tips

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It’s time to support the health of your mind and body! I’m sharing my favorite breathwork app plus thyroid health tips, natural allergies cure, and more! 

breathwork app

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I love to share the tools, products, and ideas I’ve been loving lately.  I’m here to provide you with every resource to make living a gut healthy life a simple and successful journey 

This month I’m sharing four amazing resources and products to help you cook with less toxins, reduce stress, stay consistent with breathwork, support your thyroid, and get to the root of your seasonal allergies. As always, these are things that I personally use, believe in, and love. 

Here’s what I’m loving lately…


I use Xtrema for so much of my non-toxic cookware— skillets, saucepans, baking pans, you name it. I love Xtrema because all of the cookware is ceramic all the way down to the core. So many “ceramic” pots and pans are actually just ceramic coated and when the cookware reaches high heat, toxins from the metal core still leach through. Xtrema is great because it’s 100% ceramic and contains no chemicals, coatings, glues, or dyes. 

We often think about the ingredients or chemicals in the foods we eat, but it’s so important to also pay mind to what we’re putting our foods in. And lastly from a convenience standpoint, this non-toxic cookware is fantastic. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe and can be used on the stovetop, any type of oven, and right on the dinner table. 


The breath is powerful. When you’re stressed or anxious, your breathing is irregular and shallow. When you feel calm and joyful, your breathing is deep, slow, and regular. AND you can actually induce each feeling by following each corresponding breathwork pattern. And not to mention, deep breathing and stress management is incredibly important for gut and autoimmune health. In fact, deep breathing into the diaphragm creates a gentle massaging effect on the organs and can even relieve GI distress. Personally, what’s helped me prioritize breathwork and stay consistent is guided breathing apps.

One of my favorites lately is Breethe breathwork app. It prompts you with reminders, it’s simple, and it’s guided. There are so many options catered to how you’re feeling, the time of day, and where you’re at in your practice. The exercises never feel stuffy or over the top… some of them are actually funny! It always keeps me feeling calm and refreshed. It’s a practice I look forward to and Breethe makes it so so easy! 

benefits of breathing and breathwork apps

Thyroid conditions are extremely common, particularly in women, However, they also often go undiagnosed. 60% of those living with thyroid dysfunction are actually unaware they even have a condition! The symptoms are vague and standard labs can miss imbalances that point to dysfunction. I take thyroid health very seriously, especially because I was once diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune condition that causes hypothyroidism. But I was able to actually reverse my thyroid condition with diet and lifestyle changes!

I finished an awesome masterclass with some students and I’m happy to share this free cheat sheet print out with you that outlines underlying causes of thyroid imbalance, the functional medicine labs to have done, why your thyroid medication may not be working for you, and the best foods to eat to support your thyroid. 


Allergy season is in FULL SWING. The flowers are blooming and pollen is out to play, which means many of you may be suffering from itchy eyes, sneezing, and congestion. You may be religiously popping over the counter antihistamines, but unfortunately that can do more harm than good, especially for your gut. They work by temporarily inhibiting histamine production, which is just a bandaid to your symptoms. Having a leaky gut is actually one of the main causes of seasonal allergies, and so taking medication like antihistamines that damage the gut lining actually just exacerbates the root cause. 

I swear by natural treatments to seasonal allergies. These remedies actually address the root cause and naturally reduce the amount of histamine produced and reduce liver congestion. For example, certain foods actually have the same antihistamine power as medication, without wreaking havoc on your microbiome. To learn more about natural ways to beat allergy season, check out my blog post 9 Cures for Healing Allergies Naturally.

I love sharing my favorite resources to help you live a healthy life. Prioritizing your health is the best form of self care. 

As always, I would LOVE for you to join me in finding and sharing helpful health resources!  Leave a comment below to let me know what you’ve been loving lately. I’m thrilled to check out some of your favorite tools! 

Also on the topic of what I’m loving lately–if you haven’t heard, I’m also now taking on new clients again (which I’ve really been LOVING). There is nothing like seeing real life health transformations and lives changed!

If you’re looking for help healing your gut and reversing autoimmune symptoms, I encourage you to check out and apply to my signature coaching program!

best breathwork app, non-toxic cookware, thyroid health, and and natural allergy tips

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